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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

What are the options for missing teeth?

The best option for replacing missing teeth obviously depends on lots of different factors such as how many teeth are missing, where the gaps are , the condition of any remaining teeth etc.   Generally speaking, there are 5 categories of option for replacing missing teeth:

  • Bridges supported on teeth
  • Crowns supported on implants
  • Bridges supported on implants
  • Dentures supported on natural teeth or gums
  • Dentures supported on implants

How do I know which one is most suitable for me?

Because there are so many factors to consider in achieving an optimal outcome, you need to be assessed by a dentist and take their advice on board.  Often, you will need x-rays, moulds of your teeth and a detailed clinical examination before knowing.  In some cases where the challenges are complex, you may be referred to see specialists in restorative dentistry, such as the dentists at Riverpoint.  In complex cases, it is particularly important to understand the long term implications of treatment carried out now.  Knowing how to plan treatment in a way that doesn’t make life difficult for future work requires specialized training and experience.

How long will it take to replace my teeth?

In simple cases it can usually happen quite quickly but in complex cases involving implants it usually takes several months or even longer to do it properly.  Getting this type of treatment right involves careful planning and preparation of the mouth so that a good foundation is laid for the final replacement teeth and that the oral health is excellent.  When an appropriate amount of time is spent, the tooth replacements are usually predictable for many years.  If complex implant restorations in particular or dental bridge work are rushed, mistakes are made in planning or inadequate healing is allowed and they tend to fail more quickly.  Repairing the damage from this is often more complex and expensive than having it done properly at the beginning.